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With you will be able to proactively “check” your HCPCS/CPT coding against NCCI hospital or physician tables to ensure optimum coding and reimbursement accuracy. Unlike other systems that limit the number of codes you can enter, with CCIcheck you’ll be able to enter an unlimited number of codes or even upload into our system multiple panels at once. You’ll get instant results both on-screen and printed to excel. Just some of the benefits include:

  • Checks code groups / panels against all edit combinations
  • Hospital or Physician edits can be run
  • Unlimited number of codes can be entered
  • Enter codes manually on-screen or upload multiple code groups at once
  • Results displayed on-screen or print to excel
  • Filter results by code conflicts only, current or old edits only and more
  • Sort results on-screen by column
  • Results highlighted in color (example: Red highlight = Current Code Conflict
  • Results page displays all relevant information required
  • Hospitals offered option to upgrade and link with

2022 Codes sets

2022 files uploaded to CCIcheck:

  1. NCCI Policy Manuals: Eff. - 1/1/2022
  2. Wage Index: Eff. - 1/1/2022
  3. Clinical Lab Fee Schedule: Eff. - 7/1/2022
  4. HCPCS/CPT Descriptions: Eff. - 7/1/2022
  5. CCI Hospital: Eff. - 7/1/2022
  6. CCI Physician: Eff. - 7/1/2022
  7. MUE Hospital: Eff. - 7/1/2022
  8. MUE Physician: Eff. - 7/1/2022
  9. OPPS Addendum B: Eff. - 7/1/2022
  10. Medicare Physician Fee Schedule: Eff. - 7/1/2022
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